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Penance Copper won't be a tool for evil any longer!
Torrin, held captive and tormented by an evil sorceress, has never stopped trying to escape. In a rare moment alone, he succeeds in freeing himself from his chains - but he isn't alone for long. A strange young woman from another world is trapped with him, and now he must free them both. ON SALE NOW! Sale price visible at checkout.
Numismatic Dragons are an ideal miniature breed for the beginning dragonkeeper. They are a low-heat breed, do not breathe fire, and their saliva is only mildly acidic and harmless. They require very little care and remain near hatchling size for their first 200 years. Once hatched, keep your dragon in a change jar or piggybank, and add new coins to its hoard regularly.
DIGITAL PDF EDITION The first in the SoulBound series from OtherRealm Studio, SoulBound Issue 1: Adrift follows college student Becca Albright as she is unmoored from the world she has always known and sent to a realm of magic, myth, and monsters

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07am31UTC_f2021Fri, 07 May 2021 05:23:59 +000005am31_bFriday20215 By Paula Richey
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16am30UTC_f2021Fri, 16 Apr 2021 05:23:59 +000004am30_bFriday20215 By Paula Richey
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Welcome to OtherRealm Studio! Here, you'll find stories, art and artifacts of strange and beautiful worlds, created by Paula Richey.Paula also creates digital paintings and illustrations for fantasy, science fiction, and childrens books.Please bear with me as I finish constructing my new, improved, easy to shop site! If you would like to visit a copy of the previous site, you can find it at